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I went in the Cricket store to pay my bill. I asked the guy there why my bill went up $30 from last month.

Couldn't provide an answer, waited 15 minutes while he finished talking to his coworker about some girl's *** in Spanish. Finally he tells me to go to a real Cricket store. By this time I'm pissed and he tells me that no one is making me stay with Cricket, I can leave whenever I want. I walk out and my bill keeps getting higher.i felt embarrassed and stressed.Not only is this guy a horrible customer service rep he made is a *** about the questions you ask.

He tried to give the guy before me a free charger because the guy was saying he was going to speak to the manager about how rude he was. WORST STORE ON CHAMBERS AND 48TH AVE IN DENVER.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Bostonia, California, United States #639743

They are trained to answer billing questions as well. They have phone numbers to call cricket's call center for any questions.

Common sense would have made the *** call for his customer. But what else can you expect from Cricket.

Poorly trained premiere dealers fronting as actual cricket employees. Needless to say this store is a disgrace.

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